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Home Repair and Maintenance

Busted Thumbs can help you with a wide range of home repair and maintenance needs, large or small. We repair, replace or install just about anything from bathroom and kitchen fixtures, to flooring, to windows and doors as well as fix interior and exterior damage due to water leaks, rot, and rodents. We can also help you with seasonal jobs such as weatherization, installing or removing holiday decorations and moving/refinishing outdoor furniture.

A bedroom closet was stripped and painted and new wire-rack storage installed.

This attic was infested with rodents. It was completely emptied, cleaned, and rodent-proofed and new insultation was installed along with a floored area for storage.

A good way to save money is to create a list of all the jobs you want done around your house and have us do them all at once. This is particularly useful if most of the jobs are rather small. Take a look at our common job checklist below, it may help you to identify and organize the jobs you need done (or download and print a .pdf of the checklist). If you have larger repairs in mind, visit the Renovation and Remodels area of our website.


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